Traffic Violations


I called Mr. Zev Goldstein to represent my son for a serious traffic violation which would of been 6 points. Mr. Goldstein was able to reduce the violation to ZERO points. I would recommend Mr. Goldstein anytime. When I am in need of legal assistance, he will be the first one i call. Thank you for all your help and time in this matter. Very happy with the out come of your representation.

  • Yvette Rivera

Thank you Mr. Goldstein for your service. I will recommend you to all our friends and families.

  • Robin Persaud

I got an 8 point speeding ticket and was referred to Zev Goldstein. He handled the whole case for me, I didn't even have to go to court which was amazing. They reduced the points to zero Baruch Hashem. I would recommend for anyone that has traffic ticket violations to call Zev Goldstein.

  • Yosef Perez

Mr. Goldstein was able to reduce a 6 point violation to a 2 point, and a 2 point violation to 0. I would recommend Mr. Goldstein to all my friends and family. I greatly appreciate his help in this matter. Thank you! I am very satisfied with the results, and he will be sure to deliver for you also.

  • Thomas Michalewski

In Short here was my experience with Zev Goldstein. They were very quick, knew exactly what needed to be done, very experienced, no hassle and a pleasure to deal with. Very Recommended! Thanks!

  • Eli Wiener

The law office of Zev Goldstein is amazing. Our company hired him to dispute criminal moving violations, and he did an excellent job, resulting in dismissal for all nine violations. I highly recommend.

  • SAG CO

Consultation is absolutely free, as per my own experience. Great customer service and very honest!

  • Mordechai Porgesz

Mr. Goldstein and his team helped me knock down a 6 point traffic ticket to zero points, in the Rye city court!!!! Very helpful!!!! Can't forget to mention the great price they offer their service at! They were the best!

  • Jason Sullivan

First class service! Zev Goldstein exceeded our expectations and provided us with a very amicable resolution for my daughters traffic citations.

  • Christian Makhyoun

A friend let me drive his car, I drove fast, until the cops stopped me and wrote me up a ticket :( Zev Goldstein represented me and reduced the six point ticket to zero points! Thank you Zev

  • Joseph Piekarski

After receiving a traffic violation I immediately contacted Mr. Goldstein. He responded promptly and courteously and assured me that he could represent me without difficulty. Thanks to him, the situation was handled expediently and with little stress on my part. His efforts helped me avoid points on my license. I would use Mr. Goldstein again without question and have recommended him to several people since. Thank you!

  • Michael Schaefer

Mr. Goldstein did an excellent job. It was worth every penny spent. I got stopped at a checkpoint and got 3 traffic summons (which I shouldn't have gotten in the first place.) The summons were for seat belts and other violations the officer found, Mr. Goldstein did an excellent job representing me in court, one summons was dismissed and the other 2 were reduced to parking violations with zero points. Thank you!

  • Ben F.

Zev Goldstein is a very professional, skilled and knowledgeable attorney. Thank you so much for all the help.

  • Ala Alhamed

After receiving multiple violations for one of my delivery trucks, I reached out to Zev to get the tickets dismissed. He has excellent and efficient service. Every violation was dismissed and none of my staff needed to appear in court. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Gamss

Really nice people, they put you at ease and give you the time of day. They're great!

  • M.E.

I can't say enough about the team at Zev Goldstein's office. Their level of communication, service and professionalism are second to none. They were able to turn my mess of a driver's license around, and for this I am eternally grateful.

  • Joshua Knoblick

Zev saved me from spending $2000 on traffic tickets and many more thousands of dollars on my insurance by lowering 15 points on my license to ZERO points. All that was from one pull over. Thanks Zev!! I highly recommend him!!! He is very responsive!

  • Yossi Litvack

Zev Goldstein is a very professional, skilled and knowledgeable attorney. He gave me the time I needed, and succeeded in having my NY driving privileges reinstated.

  • Norman Indich

I had a 6 points ticket in Ithaca and Zev was able to get it dismissed! He went in for a plea bargain but wasn't happy with the offer so he went to trial and got it dismissed! Couldn't have done better!

  • Mina N.

We chose Zev after reading reviews on the internet. We were a bit wary at first as we did not know him. I will say he was terrific and did everything he said he would. Our son got a speeding ticket with a lot of points. Zev got the charges reduced. I would highly recommend him.

  • Tom Carlin

I was pulled over for an 1151-a (failure to yield citation), during a traffic sting in my hometown. I had never gotten a ticket before, I was so stressed out worrying over what I was going to say at court. I did a little research and decided to contact Mr. Goldstein. He took care of everything - I didn't even have to show up at court. He negotiated a reduction down to an unsafe tire violation. No points on my license and a fine of $88. I am very pleased with the result and I would happily contact him again if I ever need a traffic lawyer in the future. If you need a NY state traffic lawyer, don't look any further!

  • Iofhua Zebulun

We received 2 traffic tickets while traveling upstate for vacation, we are not from the upstate area. Zev was great from his initial consultation to representing my husband, he did his best helping us. He was able to get one ticket totally dismissed and other reduced with half the points for speeding. I'm very happy with the outcome. It could have cost us a lot of points and fines. Zev Goldstein is professional and knowledgeable in traffic laws. We highly recommend him to anyone!

  • Annie Kong

Got my ticket completely dismissed! Communication was great, Zev did everything I could have asked for, and then some. Definitely recommended!

  • Daniel Shepherd

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Could not have done any better! I am completely satisfied and highly recommend their unbelievable terrific services.

  • Joshua Gross

Zev Goldstien Esq. Completely took the headache of fighting a speeding ticket off my head. Most other lawyers said I couldn't win, Zev took the case and had the ticket completely dismissed. Thank you very much! I highly recommend his services. Whenever you walk into his office he is sure to greet you with a smile, a good shmuz, and a cup of coffee too!

  • Yeshiva Medrash Chaim

They turned a four point speeding ticket into a parking ticket. No points on my license! Very very very pleased with the outcome. I called them two weeks before the court date. They attended on my behalf, so I didn't even need to take the day off from work. Paper work and payment to was pretty easy too. No issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend Zev Goldstein to anyone.

After receiving a traffic violation I immediately contacted Mr. Goldstein. He responded promptly and courteously and assured me that he could represent me without difficulty. Thanks to him, the situation was handled expediently and with little stress on my part. His efforts helped me to avoid points on my license. I would use Mr. Goldstein again without question and have recommended him to several people since. Thank you!

  • Sarah Garzon-Masa 11/20/14

Attorney Zev Goldstein, you are the absolute best! You listened to my concern regarding my traffic ticket, you kept me informed through each step of the process, you partnered with me in working to resolve any issues, and you came through 100% in obtaining the resolve that I needed-what more could I possibly ask for? You are worth every cent (may I add, a very fair charge) and more. There is no doubt, I will never need to look any further for an attorney, and I would recommend to anyone needing an attorney, look no further, The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein PLLC is the best in availability, pricing and impeccable service. Thank you Mr. Goldstein and staff, for all of your great work.

  • Anonymous

Very honest and pleasure to work with. He was always accessible and answered all of my questions right the way. He was able to reduce my speeding ticket to a violation that is not a speed. I would recommend him to anyone having issues with traffic violations.
Thank you Zev Goldstein!

I received a cellphone ticket and contacted Zev Goldstein office to represent me. I live in SC so everything was done over the phone and through email. They were very honest with me and informed me how difficult it was to win a case such as mine because of the strict laws. needless to say they gave it all he had and i recently recieved a letter from the firm indicating the case has been dismissed. NO points taken and no huge fine to pay. The office was very helpful, hands on and communicated with me every step of the way. Thank you guys for winning my case and for respresenting me in my adsence.

  • Gwen B Treisser 11/30/14

Amazing experience ! Best Law firm !! So professionally taken care of , Fantastic experience!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I was involved in an accident and they tried making it my fault, Zev took the case and I am totally off the hook with 0 points!! Compared to others it was done at a very cheap and fair price !!

Mr. Goldstein is the real deal. I am an NJ resident who received a ticket near Town of Bethlehem of NY. I failed to move over when cop pulled a box truck over. Long story short, I had no time to move over and officer gave me a ticket anyway. Goldstein's staff is extremely helpful and and very pleasant to work with. I did not have to go to court which was great since it would be nearly be a 2.5 hour drive for me. Any documentation was sent over email. The price was extremely reasonable considering he lowered my fine to a a $220 0 point non-moving violation (Leaving Vehicle Idle Unattended). If anyone chooses any attorney other attorney over Mr. Goldstein for traffic violations, you are making a big mistake!

  • Levi Blumenfeld 11/29/14

Zev was very helpful and informative, taking a real interest in my case and I appreciate his professional insights which helped me understand the system. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a caring, knowledgable attorney! Thanks! Levi Blumenfeld

My gf and I was having an argument. She would not called me back so I had to visit her because I am worried. I was going a little fast but not any where near 95 MPH. Not saying that it is her fault. It was totally my fault. I got a ticket. I didn't know what to do. So I called a few lawyers around Ramapo Court, the way they sounded were after your money. I called Zev because he has many positive feedback. I was skeptical because I never met or know him and knowing his work. After a month and half of work, my ticket had reduced to a minor violation. I am so glad that I hired him. He kept me updated and a very honest person. While he was in the court, his son would answer my small questions I had. I would recommend him or his son to friend and relatives or hired him again. I got two tickets driving in the Palisades Interstate Parkway in New York state, adding to 11 points (speeding over 30 miles and unsafe lane changing). After much research, I contacted the law office of Zev Goldstein. After his representation, it was reduced to NO POINTS, therefore no raise in my insurance; just 2 fines and surcharges instead. Mr Goldstein knows the system and knows the best way to handle things. I'm very pleased and will definitely recommend him to my acquaintances.

  • Augusto K. 01/21/14

Do you want the job done quickly and without reaching deep in your pockets and points or wasting precious time in the court room? ZEV is the man. I was pulled over going with the traffic flow on 80 in 55 zone, 1 phone call to his office and he had it changed to a parking ticket. Thank you Zev you truly know the system and help your clients with the same smile.

  • N. Fried

I got a 6 point speeding ticket and was referred to Zev Goldstein. He handled everything with a phone call and through the mail. The ticket was dismissed and the only cost was his reasonable fee. I highly recommend Zev Goldstein for any driving related matter!

  • Aaron, New York, NY, (4/23/2012)

I rarely have a traffic violation. In this case, I was doing a Mitzvah by taking my mother to visit my elderly father in the hospital. Unfortunately, I was more engrossed in fulfilling the Mitzvah, then in obeying all of the traffic laws. Mr. Goldstein did a wonderful job in defending me in court. I plan on being more careful on the road, but it is nice to know that Mr. Goldstein is there to defend us.

  • Your former Victorian Gardens neighbor, Moshe S, Monsey, NY, (5/3/2012)

I called up about tickets that I got. Zev gave me the time of day and was one of nicest and helpful people I have ever met.

  • Joseph W.

I was issued a speeding ticket for supposedly going 50 in a 35 in Eden, NY, though I was coming down a steep incline, had my foot off of the acceleration, and was braking as the cop turned his lights on. It was my first interaction with law enforcement, so I called Mr. Goldstein in the hope that I could get some advice on what to do. Knowing full well I couldn't afford his counsel, he talked on the phone with me and guided me through the steps I'd have to take as well as the necessary documents I'd have to obtain in order to try and get the ticket reduced. He was very courteous through my questions and seemed extremely knowledgeable about both the infraction and court process. It wasn't until later that I found out that he is also a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, as am I. It's good to see the university well represented.

  • Ethan Powers

Knowledgeable, fastidious and discreet. I would highly recommend Mr. Goldstein to anyone in search of legal counsel.

  • Wayne Davidovitch

Zev did a fantastic job with my ticket! Thank you!

  • Shlomo Klein

Unbelievable! I got a ticket when i was in San Francisco. and I wasn't sure how to handle it. I gave Zev a call and he contacted some lawyers in SF, within an hour he had all the answers i needed. I highly recommend him the next time u need a lawyer. Thank you!

  • Mordy Goldberg

Zev Goldstein has represented me for multiple speeding violations in the past and has only ever brought about tremendous results. As you can probably tell, I probably should have learned to just slow down. Nonetheless, I recommend him to anyone that has gotten a speeding ticket in his area. His work is worth every penny!

  • Chris Andreola

Amazing firm to work with. Called about my ticket, had answers on the spot! They definitely put my faith back in lawyers. All the other lawyers I spoke to were expensive and rude. Plus one for Zev!

  • Yehuda Saks

Getting my first ticket since I started driving was a frustrating experience especially since it came along with 2 points AND ruined what would be my 6-year perfect driving record. The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein did a top job at reassuring me and directing me in the right direction. I was extremely impressed by their honesty and will definitely be recommending them to anyone in need!

  • Gittie Kohn

I would like to recommend Attorney Zev Goldstein. Zev went out of his way with my case going back to court a second time, He won the case.Thank you Zev!

  • Yossi Soble

Good for the Jews! And other people, too. I was looking at a 6 point speeding ticket and an inspection violation in the town of Hancock on my way up to take my daughter to an upstate SUNY. Needless to say, in the eyes of G-D, I was innocent. Not so innocent in the eyes of the State Trooper who, by the way, was a completely civil, nice fellow. (I would still urge all to go slow through the town of Hancock, which seems to have discovered that the town budget can be greatly serviced out on Rte 17.) I cold-called the offices of Zev Goldstein, spoke with both him and his son, Herschel. I cried, I gnashed my teeth. I wailed.
Attorney Goldstein subsequently represented me in court like a true champion defender. He achieved a spectacular adjudication in my favor--there were mitigating circumstances the court perhaps accepted in my favor as part of his argument. Whatever he said, he made the best case for me, and the court listened and reacted fairly. I could not be more pleased with his work. Don't speed. But if you do, who ya gonna call? Zev Goldstein, that's who! And Herschel.
(PS, I bet my Goldstein family and his were from the same town of Suvulk in the Pale, and that his ancestors got mine out of trouble with that buddinsky, the Grand Rebbe.)

  • Harlan Jacobson

Due to a ticket, my license would have been suspended for a year. With Mr. Goldstein's help I didn't lose my license and the ticket was lowered for what I was charged for. I highly recommend Zev Goldstein to anyone.

  • Joseph Roache

I called up Zev regarding a scrape I had with the law.He was excellent, he gave me the time of day and much clarity on the subject. Highly recommended.

  • Daniel Rabin

I got a speeding ticket with a possible 6 points on my license that would effect my job. I am so happy to learn that the speeding ticket was negotiated by Mr. Zev Goldstein to a parking ticket and no points. SIMPLY AMAZING. I would strongly recommend Mr. Goldstein to take care of any moving violation and I am sure that he will be as amazing at any other legal matter. Thanks Mr. Goldstein.

  • David Dahan, Spring Valley NY, (2/16/2012)

I had tickets and Zev Goldstein got them all dismissed with only a 6 month driving probation period. His price was also minimal compared to other lawyers.

  • Bob Shmit, Monsey NY, (1/31/2012)

I was facing major traffic violations that could have seriously affected my life and I would have lost my license. Mr. Goldstein successfully defended me and was able to negotiate a settlement where I did not receive any points at all!!On top of all this, Mr. Goldstein was a complete pleasure to deal with. His advice was spot-on and the results were more than expected. I highly recommend Mr. Goldstein!!

  • Elie, Westchester, NY, (1/31/2012)

It was for sure over 10 years ago, but it will never go out of my mind, I was in one of the upstate busy courts and had 2 tickets (1=3 Point & 1=2 Point) and I was trying to convince the Trooper to plea bargain for a parking ticket, but it didn't go and we prepared to go into the court room for trial, Mr. Goldstein was in court as usual for his handful of clients that day standing nearby listening to the conversation, I never met him before, but Mr. Goldstein instantly got involved and convinced the Trooper to reduce my tickets to one parking ticket. Mr. Goldstein told me afterwards that this time he is not taking any fee, it's his mitzvah today. Thank you Mr. Goldstein. I since then recommended many happy clients.

  • Sam D.

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