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New York Cell Phone Violation Attorney

Individuals rely on cellphones for countless reasons. As technology improves, people use their phones in an increasingly diverse and nearly constant manner. If you violate New York's strict regulations regarding the use of mobile telephones and handheld electronic devices, however, you face serious penalties.

Our New York cell phone violation attorney has 28 years of experience guiding clients through even complex traffic violations. We understand the potentially devastating penalties you face, and will work to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Depending on your driving record, you can face fines, increased insurance premiums and even loss of driving privileges upon conviction.

New York City Driving While Texting Attorney

While already strict, cellphone violations were increased from a 3-point violation to a 5-point violation in New York as of June 1st 2013. Essentially, using your cellphone while driving can ultimately lead to the same penalties as a school bus violation or reckless driving violation. You need a skilled traffic ticket lawyer who will fight on your behalf.

Numerous actions can lead to a cellphone/ handheld electronic violation, including:

  • Talking on a cellphone as a handset or on speaker phone
  • Talking on speaker phone even if you are not holding the phone or if the cell phone is held by another person
  • Texting
  • Holding a GPS unit
  • Initiating a call without a Bluetooth headset
  • Listening to music on a Iphone or even on a MP3 player

It is important to note that you can be in violation of these traffic offenses such as talking on a cell phone or texting, even if you are stopped at a red light or stop sign or stopped in traffic. Do not hesitate to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

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