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Motor vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to make cars and trucks as safe as possible. With additions such as seat belts, air bags, safety glass and anti-lock brakes, drivers and passengers are arguably as safe as they ever have been. Of these, however, seat belts are the only safety feature that requires an action from the individual in the car. As such, many states, including New York, have made it illegal to drive or ride in most vehicles if you are not wearing a seat belt.

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Violation Of New York Child Safety Seat Law

While an adult seat belt violation will likely result in an approximately $150 fine for a first offense, a child seat belt violation can be much more severe. A child seat belt violation can result in a fine of approximately $200 and 3 points added to your driving record for each child in violation of these traffic laws. Once you accumulate 6 points an additional $75 fine per point is charged by the DMV. Therefor for just 2 child seat belt tickets you can be looking at fine of around $700, and with 4 child seat belt tickets within a 19 month period you can lose your driver's license.

Parents engaged in routine activities such as driving a group of children to soccer practice or car-pooling to school can face multiple infractions based at a single traffic stop. Based on the number of children in the vehicle, you can quickly amass thousands of dollars in fines and run the risk of losing your driving privileges.

Many parents are in violation of New York State's child seat belt laws even though their child is in a seal belt. This is because they don't have the required infant seats or booster seats. Even if the child is in the required child restraint system, one belt or buckle not being used is treated as if the child did not have any seat belt on at all.

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