Traffic Violations

New York DUI Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI or DWI, it is wise to seek the counsel of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. A DUI conviction can result in serious consequences such as points on your driving record, fines, jail time, increased insurance premiums and loss of driving privileges.

In these situations, you need a skilled New York DUI attorney on your side. We will challenge everything from the validity of the initial stop to the breath test results. DWI penalties can depend on factors such as your age, the substance causing the impairment and your driving record. While penalties increase from first offense to second offense, it is our goal to limit your exposure to these consequences. Contact our firm for a free consultation.

New York Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

With 28 years of legal experience, our New York traffic violation lawyer will thoroughly investigate your charge and develop an effective defense with the goal of limiting your exposure to severe consequences. Most often, the defense of a DUI offense lies in the breath test itself. We will ask numerous questions, including:

  • Was the motorist stopped legally?
  • Was the officer justified in his suspicion before requesting a sobriety test?
  • Was the machine calibrated correctly?
  • Was the officer properly trained on its operation?
  • Was the machine properly cleaned and stored between uses?
  • Were there any extraneous factors that might have contributed to the results?

Clients count on our detailed legal knowledge as well as our understanding of New York traffic laws to guide them through these challenging situations. Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal dilemma in greater detail.

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If you have further questions regarding drinking and driving charges, do not hesitate to contact a skilled New York traffic ticket attorney. Our office can be reached by calling 800-464-8269 or by completing our online contact form. We offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards as payment for services.