Traffic Violations

Driving History aka Driving Record

What is a driving history? The Department of Motor Vehicles keeps a record of all motor vehicle license related activity, such as when your driving permit becomes valid, and when that permit changes over into a regular adult driver's license. They also keep records of all your traffic violation convictions. Tickets are not convictions, and if your are not convicted the DMV can't record them. However if you are convicted of the violation, they do record the ticket, and if you have too many points, (or any other suspend-able reason) DMV suspends your license.

Protecting your Driving History

There are many reasons why you should protect your driving record. One of them is to protect your insurance rates. Insurance Companies access your driving record in order to measure the level of risk they are buying by insuring you, and your premiums will go up if you have traffic violations on your record. You can always call your insurance broker before pleading guilty to a traffic violation to find out how much your insurance will go up if you are convicted.

Another reason you should want to protect your driving record is to protect yourself from future protection in the traffic ticket arena, and in criminal courts as well.

When you are charged with a traffic violation or any other violation and you wish to obtain a plea reduction from the District Attorney, or from the appointed prosecutor, they will ask you for (or look up themselves) your driving record in order to properly use their discretion as to how strongly they should prosecute your case, and at what point they will be willing to compromise. When a traffic ticket violation attorney represents you, the prosecutor still wants to know who he/she is prosecuting, and will ask for their motorist's driving history record.

Attorney to protect your Driving Record

If you have further questions regarding your driving record, or are concerned about how traffic violations can affect your driving history, do not hesitate to contact a skilled New York Motor Vehicle Attorney. Our office can be reached by calling 800-464-8269 or by completing our online contact form. We offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards as payment for services.