Traffic Violations

New York Tailgating Defense Lawyer

Commuter traffic can be frustrating for many reasons. Improper lane changes, distracted driving and driving under the speed limit can all lead to stress and anger. Ultimately, though, you must respect the rules of the road or face serious consequences.

Many drivers attempt to follow too closely, or tailgate, a driver in front of them to either prompt the other driver to speed up or change lanes. This is an incredibly dangerous tactic and is a traffic violation. If you are cited with following too closely, you are facing a 4-point violation in addition to other consequences such as fines and increased insurance premiums. As soon as you receive a traffic ticket, schedule a free consultation with an experienced New York tailgating charge attorney.

Following Too Closely

If the car in front of you stops unexpectedly, you need to be able to stop your own vehicle and prevent a collision. In an effort to prevent unnecessary accidents, the state of New York has made the act of following too closely a serious traffic violation with severe penalties. Your lawyer will fight to protect you from consequences such as a 4-point addition to your driving record, fines and increased insurance premiums.

In general, the space between cars should equal one car length for every 10 miles per hour. This will give you time to react to what happens in front of you. Even if the car in front of you stops for no reason, you are responsible for stopping and preventing an accident. If you have received a traffic ticket, do not hesitate to contact our office.

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