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New York Lane Change Violation Lawyer

A common cause of motor vehicle accidents is unsafe lane changes. As such, law enforcement officers have a heightened sense of attention for drivers who changes lanes without signaling or who cross protected lane boundaries. If you have received a ticket for a lane change violation, it is wise to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

As a New York lane change violations attorney with over 28 years of experience, our firm is regularly called upon to defend motorists who have received tickets. Simply paying a ticket without first consulting a lawyer can have a dramatic impact on your driving record in the future. An unsafe lane change violation can add 3 points to your driving record and you can face an increase in your insurance premiums. Based on your driving history and any other points on your license, you might also face jail time and the loss of your driving privileges.

New York Unsafe Lane Change Lawyer

In New York, many factors can lead to a frustrating driving experience — the overabundance of vehicles on the road, the proliferation of roadside signs, complex traffic signals, and obscured or confusing lane markings. Essentially, it is not always easy to understand what your designated lane is. For example, many drivers do not realize that the left lane is to be used for passing or making left turns (N.Y. VTL §1128).

Often police officers which arrive at the seen of an accident assume that one or more drivers changed lanes illegally, without witnessing the violation first hand.

Do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable New York traffic ticket attorney at your earliest convenience.

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