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Alleged drunk driving man saved from fiery crash by hero trucker

A 37-year-old Sound Beach man is lucky to be alive after losing control of his SUV on the Long Island Expressway while drunk driving, leaving the roadway and striking a tree. He was ejected from the vehicle and ended up beneath the burning SUV. A Good Samaritan truck driver passing by at approximately 2 a.m. saw the wreckage burst into flames and stopped his rig to investigate further. Seeing the driver sprawled unconscious under the burning SUV, he immediately pulled the man away to safety before two of the tires exploded from the inferno. The driver was then treated by rescue workers who were alerted to the fiery scene by the trucker's 911 call. The driver was transported to a local hospital where he was later released. He now faces a charge of drunk driving.

How does a driver get 10 or more driving suspensions?

How does a driver get 10 or more driving suspensions? My assistant asked me that question today. It's a good question.

New York police charge bikers with reckless driving

Seven motorcyclists were arrested recently on the Long Island Expressway for a variety of traffic violations, including alleged reckless driving . According to Suffolk County police, frightened motorists mindful of the recent episode of biker road rage on a nearby New York highway, made numerous 911 calls around midday detailing the bikers' unsafe maneuvers as they wove their imported Asian motorcycles in and out through the heavy weekday traffic. Unaffiliated with any organized gang, the young men were characterized by police as a loose-knit group of friends riding the roads together on a recent federal holiday.

Massive speeding clampdown snares more than 700 NYC drivers

We have talked about the enforcement of traffic violations in recent weeks; specifically how certain minor infractions seem to draw more tickets than they should, given the other truly dangerous traffic violations that occur. One of these dangerous traffic violations is speeding.

Change of NY texting while driving law increases penalties

The debate about texting while driving and the dangers it presents isn't so much a "debate" anymore; rather, it is a disagreement over what system best limits (or potentially eliminates) the dangerous driving act. Few people still think texting while driving is not dangerous. It takes your eyes off the road for a relatively long time (five seconds, according to a distracted driving website) and a lot can change on the road during that period of distraction.

Bus drivers to be scrutinized by MTA for 'dangerous' driving acts

A recent announcement was made by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which indicated that bus drivers will be heavily scrutinized in the coming weeks and months over their behavior and actions behind the wheel of a bus. The goal of the crackdown is to snuff out poor driving behavior, such as running red lights, using a cell phone while driving and failing to signal before turning. 

Traffic tickets in New York skew towards the minor side

It is easy for New York residents to assume that police officers spend more time writing traffic tickets for very minor offenses and "ticky tack" violations than actual serious traffic crimes. People see speeding drivers all the time on city streets and freeways blazing by at 15 or 20 miles per hour over the speed limit (and sometimes, the offender is exceeding the speed limit by even greater speeds). Yet these people get away with their ride in many cases.

Can the police pull you over without witnessing an infraction?

Imagine you are driving down the highway, and in a moment of weakness and distraction, you swerve out of your lane and endanger another vehicle. You don't collide and both vehicles safely make it out of the incident -- but you spooked yourself and the other vehicle. You go driving on your way, focusing on keeping your vehicle safely in your lane.