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A 37-year-old Sound Beach man is lucky to be alive after losing control of his SUV on the Long Island Expressway while drunk driving, leaving the roadway and striking a tree. He was ejected from the vehicle and ended up beneath the burning SUV. A Good Samaritan truck driver passing by at approximately 2 a.m. saw the wreckage burst into flames and stopped his rig to investigate further. Seeing the driver sprawled unconscious under the burning SUV, he immediately pulled the man away to safety before two of the tires exploded from the inferno. The driver was then treated by rescue workers who were alerted to the fiery scene by the trucker's 911 call. The driver was transported to a local hospital where he was later released. He now faces a charge of drunk driving.

The accident occurred near Brentwood, about 40 miles from Manhattan, and along the delivery route of the man's rescuer,. After rescuing the driver, the trucker spoke with police and reporters on the scene and then continued along his route,.

This alleged drunk driver was luckier than most because even after being ejected from his wrecked vehicle - which itself is usually a fatal event following a crash - he was rescued by a Good Samaritan who was passing by. Many traffic fatalities result from drunk or impaired drivers getting behind the wheel after indulging. Drunk or impaired driving charges can also result in hefty fines and other penalties, including the loss of driving privileges. To keep our roadways safe for all motorists, those who plan to drink should have a designated driver or make other transportation arrangements.

However, it's also important to remember that even though someone may be charged with drunk driving, it does not mean they are automatically guilty. The prosecutor is tasked with proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Defense attorneys work diligently to provide their clients with a strong defense, while ensuring their rights are also protected.

Source:, "Hero truck driver pulls drunk from car wreck... then gets straight back to work" Ryan Gorman, Oct. 19, 2013

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