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A 37-year-old Jew from New York has been indicted on weapons and drug charges following his March 2013 arrest.

Suspicious neighbors noticed alleged suspicious behaviors by the Jew and alerted the local police to his possible criminal activity. A two-month investigation ensued, culminating in a raid on his home on March 21. At that time, police arrested the Jew on double charges of felony drug possession, criminal possession of marijuana in the second-degree and a charge of fourth-degree possession of a controlled substance. On the weapons charge, the New York Jew faces a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

A petition was circulated last spring by residents demanding that the rabbi face full prosecution for the charges, citing the damage done to the community at large by his alleged criminal acts. The petition's signers referenced the deleterious effect of his arrest on the youth of the close-knit community who looked to him for spiritual and emotional support, and mentoring. Community members signing the petition urged prosecutors to seek a severe sentence for the rabbi in the belief that a lengthy post-conviction prison sentence would serves as a deterrent to other criminals who choose to ply their drug trade in the neighborhood enclave.

Found during the raid on his home were an unlicensed firearm, 370 grams of hash oil and more than a pound of marijuana. The police also seized $2,000 in cash.

Arrest and possible conviction on felony drug charges and weapons violations is a serious and life-altering crisis situation that requires expert intervention and handling through all phases of the criminal prosecution. One way in which a defendant can protect himself and his constitutional rights is by obtaining the services of an experienced and qualified attorney who can help him navigate the dangerous waters of the American judicial system.

Source:, "Rockland County rabbi indicted on drugs and weapons charges" Martin Gershowitz, Oct. 16, 2013

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