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We have talked about the enforcement of traffic violations in recent weeks; specifically how certain minor infractions seem to draw more tickets than they should, given the other truly dangerous traffic violations that occur. One of these dangerous traffic violations is speeding.

It is a silly infraction to make -- but it is also a violation that carries severe penalties. Even if you are pulled over a ticketed for such an offense, it doesn't mean you should just pay the fine and admit guilt. Yes, it was a poor decision; but people make mistakes.

The real issue with speeding tickets is their escalating nature. When you get a speeding ticket, you will be assigned at least 3 points on your license. Depending on how far over the speed limit you were going, the number of points increases (a maximum of 11 points for going at least 40 miles per hour over the limit).

You will also get a fine for the violation -- but there can be additional fines applied if you have past violations. So not only could you face a fine for the individual violation; but you will also get a secondary fine from the Department of Motor Vehicles called a "Driver Responsibility Assessment." It's a heavy punishment, and it's why simply paying the fine and admitting guilt could be troublesome.

This could be the fate of more than 700 New York City drivers who were pulled over last weekend for speeding. The New York Police Department did this as part of an initiative to curb the amount of speeding vehicles on the streets.

Source: NBC New York, "NYPD Wrote 736 Tickets in Citywide Speeding Sting," Oct. 17, 2013

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