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Seven motorcyclists were arrested recently on the Long Island Expressway for a variety of traffic violations, including alleged reckless driving . According to Suffolk County police, frightened motorists mindful of the recent episode of biker road rage on a nearby New York highway, made numerous 911 calls around midday detailing the bikers' unsafe maneuvers as they wove their imported Asian motorcycles in and out through the heavy weekday traffic. Unaffiliated with any organized gang, the young men were characterized by police as a loose-knit group of friends riding the roads together on a recent federal holiday.

Alleged violations by the motorcyclists included switching lanes without signaling, driving over the speed limit at speeds that at times allegedly exceeded 90 mph, following too closely and riding on the shoulder in a non-emergency. Responding to the multiple 911 calls from concerned motorists about the pack of riders, Suffolk County deputies observed their erratic driving for 10 exits before dispatching additional police units and apprehending the seven men, who ranged in age from 20 to 28. Officers also impounded their motorcycles. The men were taken to Selden's Sixth Precinct for processing and arraignment on various charges.

Taking unnecessary risks on the road endangers not only the driver's life, but the lives of innocent motorists and their passengers. Misdemeanor traffic violations can result in court appearances, fines and accrued points on motorists' driver's licenses. This can adversely affect a consumer's ability to secure affordable automobile insurance policies. Felony charges can result in all of the above and may also include impound fees, jail time and a temporary or permanent loss of driving privileges.

Just because a defendant was arrested, though, does not mean he or she is guilty. That must be proven without a reasonable doubt in court. Every defendant has the right to a fair trial, even if the charges are traffic violations. A criminal defense attorney will ensure that a defendant's rights are protected and provide a strong defense for his or her client's.

Source:, "New York police nab 7 motorcyclists for alleged reckless driving" No Author Given, Oct. 13, 2013

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