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New York state troopers crack down on texting, distracted drivers

Thinking of answering that text as you're tooling down a New York highway? Think again, as doing so may very well wind up with you receiving a traffic violation for texting while driving.

Dirt bikers in New York City face reckless driving charges

When considering holiday gifts for your son or daughter, a couple to avoid for New Yorkers should be dirt bikes and ATVs. Otherwise, your budding Evil Knievel could find himself facing charges of reckless driving. Thus far in 2013, there have been over 437 arrests for dirt bike and motorcycle riders, with almost 200 of those being for reckless driving or endangerment. An official with the Bronx district attorney's office says there has been a definite spike in cases featuring ATVs and dirt bikes in the past few years.

Man takes plea deal in DUI case that killed 5-year-old

After negotiations with the Suffolk County district attorney's office, a 32-year-old Ronkonkoma man accepted a plea deal of five-and-a-half to 16-and-a-half years in prison for the DUI and aggravated vehicular homicide charges he was facing. According to a Suffolk County assistant district attorney, this case is one of few in which the defendant was convicted of a vehicular homicide charge due to prescription drug intoxication alone.

Reckless driving, DUI charges for Long Island man in fiery wreck

A 51-year-old Plainview man was recently charged with reckless driving, first degree reckless endangerment, driving the wrong way on a one-way street and driving while intoxicated. These charges came after he allegedly drove his 2013 Ford southbound while in the northbound lane on Long Island's Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway in the vicinity of Powell Avenue. The accident happened at approximately 1 a.m. According to Nassau County police, after colliding head-on with a 2007 Volvo driven by a 29-year-old man, the Plainview man fled the scene before crashing into the highway median. His car then burst into flames.

New York updates its DWI laws

New York's tougher DWI laws went into effect on November 1. One of the provisions includes the use of ignition interlocks, a device hooked up to the car's ignition system. Those convicted of DWI are required to install these devices on their vehicles and breathe into the breathalyzer apparatus in order for their car to start. If alcohol is detected on their breath, the car won't start. The law also increases penalties for those convicted of driving drunk with a minor in the car. Both provisions are a response to "Leandra's Law," first passed in 2009 and named after Leandra Rosado, 11. She lost her life while a passenger in a car driven by her friend's mother, who was legally intoxicated at the time of the fatal accident.

Bronx charity raises bail for residents charged with misdemeanors

Residents of the Bronx jailed on misdemeanorcharges who are unable to make their bail now have another option to lengthy pre-conviction jail stays thanks to The Bronx Freedom Fund. Instead of languishing in jail for months on what are often minor drug charges, defendants can be referred for bail relief by the non-profit Bronx Defenders.

New York nurse allegedly diverted prescription drugs to streets

The 40-year-old director of nursing at a Buffalo long term care center was arrested recently on drug charges that she was selling surplus prescription drugs from her office in the facility.