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Traffic violations effect your insurance premiums. Anyone telling you that they don't is telling you a half truth because technically you are losing "discounts".

I just spoke with a client who was told by Geico that his insurance would not go up by pleading guilty to his traffic violation. As per my advice him he called Geico back and asked if he would loss "discounts" by pleading guilty. They told him that his insurance premium would cost him another $1173 over the next 4 years. Is $1173 of your money nothing?

I hope to take an opportunity to write more about how this technical insurance premium speech came to be and how traffic violations effect you, in a future blog post.

Always check with your attorney before pleading guilty to a traffic violation. 

The greatest loss in terms of money could be insurance premiums, it's not just about the points. In New York, points do not affect insurance directly. Insurance companies in New York are allowed raise rates (or use another word for the same thing) because of the type of violation you have.

By focusing the majority of our firm's resources on defending clients against traffic tickets, we truly understand the nuances of these offenses and what strategies are available to limit our clients' exposure to serious consequences. Essentially, traffic violations are handled in courts that other defense attorneys might never have to enter. Our clients find our extensive experience and the depth of our legal knowledge beneficial in even the most complex matters.

Pleading guilty and paying your fine can lead to serious penalties. Even a simple speeding ticket can impact many aspects of your life. Schedule a free consultation at our firm today.

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