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For some, it is the principle and not the price. A woman from Edmonton, Kentucky, has driven 800 miles on several occasions back to northwestern New Jersey in her fight to get a traffic violation tossed out for alleged obstructed view. The traffic ticket would have cost the woman $56 had she agreed to pay for the violation./p>

Driving her self-named "Liberty Van" adorned with its plethora of political bumper stickers, signs, American flags and other free speech memorabilia, the woman was ticketed in New Jersey as she was making her way home from New York's commemoration of the Sept. 11 events. The original citation referenced a garland of flowers strung around her windshield that police alleged could obstruct her view. The judge in the case commented that she wouldn't feel safe having her grandchildren walking behind the woman's van because of possible blind spots and reduced visibility out of her rear-view window, but did not feel that the garland interfered with her view substantially enough to warrant prosecution of the offense.

The woman has traveled across America several times in the van, once collecting eight traffic tickets in the state of Pennsylvania in a single 2013 trip. To her, fighting the tickets she feels were unjustly issued is a better, if pricier, option than simply paying them and going on about her business. She has her own website and freely declares that her First Amendment rights are worth fighting for.

Most people realize it is often cheaper and easier to simply pay the traffic violation than to fight it in court. But if you feel strongly about a ticket that you do not believe was deserved, you certainly may exercise your rights and take the issue up in court. An experienced lawyer will be able to assess your situation and advise you of the wisest course of action most likely to lead to dismissal or acquittal.

Source:, "Woman drives 800 miles to fight NJ traffic ticket" No author given, Dec. 04, 2013

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