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High speed chase injures two New York state troopers

A 39-year-old man allegedly impaired by drugs led authorities on a high-speed chase across the Tappan Zee Bridge, injuring two New York State troopers. One trooper was hurt in the head-on collision that resulted from the chase, while the other was injured in the scuffle that ensued while taking the driver into custody.

New York doctor proposes stronger penalties for reckless driving

A New York City doctor lost his 9-year-old nephew to a traffic accident involving a cab. The driver mowed down the young boy, who was holding his father's hand as he crossed a New York City street at a crosswalk. The doctor has come up with a viable plan to reduce pedestrian deaths on New York streets. The doctor proposes criminalizing reckless driving much the same way as drunk driving was in the past few decades.

Three Poughkeepsie men busted for heroin possession

The Dutchess County Drug Task Force, in conjunction with the Poughkeepsie Police Department, recently confiscated 477 bags of heroin following a months-long investigation of suspected heroin sales from a residence. Three men were taken into custody during the bust at a two-family residence on Gray Street in Poughkeepsie. Task force officers also found a loaded handgun stolen from North Carolina, cocaine and cash after serving the residents with a search warrant.

New York mayor targets jaywalkers, traffic violators

In an effort to prevent more pedestrian deaths in 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled "Vision Zero," which will focus on tougher enforcement of existing traffic laws. Additionally, police will be targeting jaywalkers and speeders and handing out more traffic violations on New York City streets. Certain intersections will also have mounted cameras to document violations.

12 Years for Illegal Gun Possession Charge for Shomrim Shooter

A Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge threw the book at David Flores today with a 12 Years Sentence on the Illegal Gun Possession Charge for the man who shot at four volunteers from Shomrim, as the maximum allowable sentence for illegal gun possession in Brooklyn New York is 15 years.

New York City man faces felony DWI charge under Leandra's Law

A man was arrested in Flanders on New Year's Eve around 10:40 pm on Flanders Road near its intersection with Pleasure Drive, after Southampton police observed the 2013 Tesla operating outsides its lane and pulled the driver over. The 47-year-old New York City man driving the electric car was charged with aggravated DWI and endangering the welfare of a child after the officer discovered that three children under the age of 10 were in the vehicle with him at the time of the traffic stop.

New York state troopers nab over 100 motorists in three hours

New York State troopers have started out the new year by cracking down on speeders and other motorists in the Hudson Valley. In one three-hour time period, highway patrolman issued over 100 tickets to motorists for speeding, using hand-held electronic devices (including cellphones), violating New York's "move-over" law and other traffic violations. The ticketed drivers were traveling on I-84 in East Fishkill, a portion of Dutchess County approximately 60 miles due north of New York City. This section of Interstate 84 in New York traverses Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties between the borders of neighboring states Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Texting and DWI legislation in New York Retroactive?

Governor Cuomo's proposal as it pertains to Texting and DWI (see the link to his press release below) will double the license suspension, from 6 months to one year, for anyone under 21 convicted of texting while driving. By contrast, a first time Driving while Intoxicated conviction "only" garners a 6 month revocation. While the Governor only mentions Texing while driving, most all of the New York State Traffic Law makes talking on a cell phone while driving the same as texing while driving. Both talking on a cell phone and texting while driving carry 5 points.

New York City rappers' videos under policy scrutiny

New York City police have added a new tool to their crime-fighting toolbox -- viewing rap videos from up-and-coming rappers on the streets of the city looking for evidence of any crimes. Police and prosecutors hope that by listening closely to the lyrics and watching for clues in the videos, they may be able to file charges against those they believe to be involved in a spate of recent shootings involving alleged gang members performing as rap artists.

Queens hit and run kills 1

A hit-and-run accident killed a pedestrian as she was crossing 169th Street and Highlands Blvd. in Jamaica. Police reported that the driver initially fled the accident scene but returned about an hour later. It is undetermined what traffic violations or other charges she may face as a result of the fatality.

Speeding Tickets and Supporting Depositions

Speeding Tickets are in-sufficient when a supporting deposition is requested and none is provided or when the police officer writes one by his or her own choice. Each type of ticket requires different information permanent to the traffic violation alleged. However the supporting deposition must contain accurate and sufficient information. 

Criminal Defense for New York Bernie Goetz facing pot charges

A longer Criminal Defense ride is the choise for Bernie. Nearly 30 years after achieving infamy as the subway vigilante, New York City resident Bernie Goetz once again has made headlines. Mr. Goetz rejected a plea bargain of 10 days of community service on charges of selling a small amount of marijuana to an undercover police officer in Union Square Park on Nov. 1.

Speeding Tickets more common in Summer than Winter

It's documented and explicit speeding tickets are more common in the summer than in the winter. See this 10 year Google graph. Every year tickets spick in July and they are at their lowest in December. 

Reckless drivers target of New York City ad campaign

The New York Department of Transportation has launched a new ad campaign for New York City drivers. The ads are targeting those who may be guilty of reckless driving and feature images of New York residents holding photos of their loved ones while standing in the locations where they lost their lives. The first of two ads released in the campaign is of a man from the Bronx whose 42-year-old fiancee died in 2009 after being struck by a speeding car while walking in a crosswalk; the second is of a mother from Queens who lost her 14-year-old son in 2005 as he rode a bicycle in the Rockaways on Shore Front Parkway. Had he survived, he would soon be celebrating his 23rd birthday.