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New York State troopers have started out the new year by cracking down on speeders and other motorists in the Hudson Valley. In one three-hour time period, highway patrolman issued over 100 tickets to motorists for speeding, using hand-held electronic devices (including cellphones), violating New York's "move-over" law and other traffic violations. The ticketed drivers were traveling on I-84 in East Fishkill, a portion of Dutchess County approximately 60 miles due north of New York City. This section of Interstate 84 in New York traverses Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties between the borders of neighboring states Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Violations were handed out to 79 drivers for exceeding the posted 65-mph speed limit. State police also ticketed drivers for not wearing seat belts in addition to the other violations.

Obeying the traffic laws of New York should be the goal of every driver, as it helps keep our highways and streets safer for us and others on the road with us. However, over-zealous troopers and police officers may target drivers who are in compliance with the laws, but get caught up in a situation where they are issued a traffic ticket or summons.

If you are ticketed behind the wheel, now is not the time to mount your defense. A confrontation with a law officer on the road can quickly escalate from a simple ticket to an arrest, or worse. Your best course of action is to remain polite and respectful, admit to no wrongdoing and comply by providing your license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. If possible, make a mental note of the trooper's name and badge number. Do not argue with him or her regarding the violation.

If you feel that you were unfairly ticketed, your best recourse is to fight the violation in a court of law with an attorney experienced in traffic violations on your side.

Source:, "Troopers issue 110 tickets on NY's I-84 in 3 hours" No author given, Jan. 13, 2014

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