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A hit-and-run accident killed a pedestrian as she was crossing 169th Street and Highlands Blvd. in Jamaica. Police reported that the driver initially fled the accident scene but returned about an hour later. It is undetermined what traffic violations or other charges she may face as a result of the fatality.

The woman survived the initial impact, but was critically injured. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and transported her to Queens General Hospital. The accident caused severe trauma to her body, and she died shortly after arriving. She was believed to be in her 40s. The accident occurred at about 10:20 p.m.

Officers have not released the identities of the driver or the deceased.

Any time a car and a pedestrian collide, the odds are not going to be for the pedestrian. It is always an extremely traumatic event, and in many cases, the driver may be confused and frightened and not know what to do.

The best course of action is always to stop your vehicle and summon emergency responders who can render aid to the injured person. Many times this may be the difference between a bad accident with injuries and a fatal event. It will also keep you from being ticketed for leaving an accident scene.

Your next call should be to an attorney who is experienced in dealing with traffic violations and the New York City court system. Make no statements to the police other than providing them with your license and insurance information, and advise them that you would like to speak to an attorney if you have not already called one. Remember that any words you utter at the scene, including expressions of apology, will follow you throughout any court proceedings you may later face.

Source:, "Woman killed in Queens hit-and-run accident" Mark Morales, Jan. 06, 2014

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