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Study: Teens learn from example with impaired driving

We all know that teens are easily influenced by their peers. If you have raised a teenager, you know that they often dress the same, talk the same and even walk the same as their friends. According to a new study, teens may even choose to drink and drive if their friends have done so in the past.

New York's 10-Year Driving Record

I have been predicting that something like this would happen, (see my blog posts back on May 8th 2013, March 12th 2013, and my press release on July 25, 2013) however I never thought they would go this far. New York State DMV has now extended the the record the prosecution may use against a defendant, from 3/4 years to 10 years. New York's 10 year driving record is here at last, however we haven't seen the fully mutation of these this "law" just yet.

Dashboard camera exonerates suspect, exposes police

Seeing flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror is always a scary sight, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Now imagine seeing officers draw their guns, smash your window and beat you up while you’re doing nothing to provoke the treatment.

New York police announce St. Patty's Day enforcement measures

St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday, but New York officials are expecting the celebrations to begin this weekend, which is why they will be enforcing a crackdown on drunk driving, underage drinking and distracted driving in the state.

New York case of DWI against star reduced to misdemeanor

The New York attorney representing former 1970s teen TV and singing star David Cassidy negotiated a reduction of the felony DWI charge his client received last August in Schodack. Cassidy had been in upstate New York at the horse races in Saratoga Springs. His attorney stated that he plans to petition the court for an adjournment once the plea bargain details are resolved satisfactorily.

New York driver's records of 10 years given to courts

Prosecutors will have another weapon in their arsenal to crack down on motorists facing traffic violations. Governor Cuomo has asked the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to provide prosecutors with a far more comprehensive summary of a driver's records behind the wheel.