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Seeing flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror is always a scary sight, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Now imagine seeing officers draw their guns, smash your window and beat you up while you’re doing nothing to provoke the treatment.

That’s what a New Jersey man went through in June 2012 when he was allegedly beaten by police and then charged with alluding police and assault among other offenses. It wasn’t until a second video from a police dashboard was released that it became apparent that the officers were actually the ones who broke the law.

The video, which came from the squad car of a backup officer who had arrived at the scene, showed that the officers pulled the man over on the Garden State Parkway and drew their guns right away. Then they smashed the driver’s window with a baton as he sat with his hands in the air.

The video shows that the officers then reached into the vehicle and struck the man several times as they pulled him out of the car. He was then thrown onto the ground and struck several more times while being handcuffed in thrown into the back of the squad car.

The second video was never mentioned in the police report, so it appears that the officers may have been trying to cover it up.

Thankfully, the truth came out and charges against the man have been dropped.

However, this case demonstrates just how important it is to have competent legal representation on your side after being charged with a crime. If the New Jersey man’s lawyer hadn’t done some extra digging in order to come up with the second dashcam video, he could still be sitting in jail.

Although an internal investigation originally determined that the officers had not acted inappropriately, they were both suspended without pay in April 2013. Now the officers are the ones who are facing charges.

Source: New York Daily News, “Police dash cam video exonerates New Jersey man, leads to indictment of cops ,” Sasha Goldstein, February 25, 2014

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