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The New York attorney representing former 1970s teen TV and singing star David Cassidy negotiated a reduction of the felony DWI charge his client received last August in Schodack. Cassidy had been in upstate New York at the horse races in Saratoga Springs. His attorney stated that he plans to petition the court for an adjournment once the plea bargain details are resolved satisfactorily.

The 63-year-old star of the "Partridge Family" originally was charged with felony DWI because he had previously been convicted of DUI in 2011 in Florida, where he resides.

The charge has been sent back to a town court near Albany to be resolved. However, the former teenage heartthrob would not be attending his next evening court appearance, as he is presently in a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism. Cassidy was arrested for DWI again in January in Los Angeles.

Certainly three arrests for driving under the influence in a short span of time signals a wake-up call to drivers that a problem with alcohol exists. Whether you're a celebrity or an "ordinary Joe," addiction does not discriminate; it's an equal opportunity problem that needs to be addressed. Motorists facing multiple DWI charges in several jurisdictions may find that seeking help for their drinking problem may find favor with the court.

An experienced New York criminal law attorney can fight to have evidence tossed out on technicalities and can mount vigorous legal challenges to the prosecution's case. If you are charged with DWI, remember never to give up your right against self-incrimination. Make no statements and ask to speak to your attorney immediately.

Source: WNYT, "David Cassidy's DWI case near resolution" No author given, Mar. 04, 2014

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