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Do you know why I pulled you over?

When a cop pulls you over and asks you "Do you know why I pulled you over?" many think that it's only polite to respond. You can't just leave a guy hanging right? The common legal advise to use your right to remain silent seems so wrong. "Don't talk to cops" doesn't seem correct in real life. I am here to tell you that this is simply not the case.

Swerving leads to marijuana drug charges in New York

On Saturday, April 12, a traffic stop occurred in New York that would most likely be considered routine by law enforcement officials. According to troopers with the New York State Police, they observed a vehicle that wasn’t driving in the direct center of the lane. They said that when they observed the vehicle “failing to keep right,” they decided to initiate the traffic stop.

It's road construction season in New York, speeding fines double

Anyone who hails from a definitively snowy state is probably familiar with the old joke that there are essentially two seasons, winter and road construction. New York residents have made it through yet another winter filled with snowy, icy roads, and there is no doubt that those “construction zone” warning signs will soon start popping up across the state if they haven’t already.

New York police kick off 'Speed Week' campaign

New York State Police announced that they have kicked off a “Speed Week” campaign in effort to catch speeding and aggressive drivers. The week-long initiative, which began yesterday and runs through April 24, is aimed at reducing the number of speed-related accidents that occur in the state.

Son of former Knicks coach refuses breath test, charged with DUI

Under New York’s implied consent law, drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol are required to submit to blood-alcohol testing. Refusing to do so could result in a driver’s license revocation in addition to DUI charges.

Texting teens could face more than traffic tickets in New York

New York state lawmakers want to change the “culture” of texting and driving among young drivers, which is why they say they passed a $137.9 billion budget last week that includes tougher penalties for inexperienced drivers who text while behind the wheel.

'Hidden' speed cameras catching masses of New York drivers

With the help of discreetly-placed traffic cameras, New York City officials are cracking down on speeders near schools. The sting operation, which began in mid-January, currently involves just five of the 20 speed cameras that have been authorized by the state.