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Earlier this week, we discussed how a handful of discreetly-placed speeding cameras have resulted in more than 11,000 traffic tickets in New York City over just a couple of months.

The cameras, which by law have to be located within a quarter mile of a school and can only operate during school hours, are cracking down hard on drivers who go more than 10 mph over the speed limit.

Since then, it has been reported that New York lawmakers may decide to expand the use of the speed cameras in the city as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. 

Essentially, the bill would boost the number of speed-sensitive cameras in New York City from 20 to 140, as well as issue Nassau County and Suffolk County 56 and 69 speed cameras, respectively.

The bill would authorize use of the cameras in all three municipalities until 2018.

“Enacting this legislation would send a strong message to drivers who still continue to engage in reckless driving behavior, that their speeding will not be tolerated at the expense of the safety and well-being of our children and our families,” Assemblyman Robert Sweeney said Monday when the measure was announced.

The lawmakers said safety was the No. 1 reason behind the push for more of the speed cameras, but as we reported earlier this week, the municipalities have a lot to gain financially from the revenue generated by the tickets.

As we discussed, the Department of Transportation reported that just a handful of cameras were able to raise $585,750 in revenue since being installed in mid-January.

The cameras, which use photographic, micro-photographic and video technology, are supposed to be able to correctly identify vehicles that are caught speeding through intersections.

A $50 speeding ticket is then issued to the owner of the vehicle, which may or may not have been the driver. Unpaid tickets result in a $25 fine.

Source: Saugerties Post Star, “Assembly Bill Would Expand Use of Speed Sensitive Cameras in School Speed Zones,” April 1, 2014

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