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A professional hockey player who was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drug possession over the weekend is facing much more than time in the penalty box.

Seasoned Tampa Bay Lightning player Ryan Malone was arrested early Saturday morning after police say he made a left-hand turn from a center lane and drove his SUV into a curb. 

Malone reportedly declined to take a field sobriety test during the stop, which occurred around 3:15 a.m., but eventually submitted to blood-alcohol testing, which reportedly revealed levels of .112 and .116.

What makes the situation more serious is that police reportedly found 1.3 grams of cocaine in Malone’s back pocket during the arrest. This charge could potentially result in prison time if the hockey player is convicted and does not work out a favorable plea agreement.

Malone, who has been playing in the NHL for more than 10 years and was on the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team in 2010, was charged with DUI and cocaine possession. He was released from jail on Saturday after posting a $2,500 bond.

Anytime drugs are found during a DUI traffic stop, the legal situation gets more serious and complex. However, if it is determined that police did not have probable cause to pull over the suspect in the first place, all charges must be dropped.

In cases where the stop was justified, which appears to be the case with Malone’s arrest, it is possible that a defense attorney could question the validity of the blood-alcohol tests and also argue that the drugs that were found were not the suspect’s.

Court records did not indicate whether Ryan Malone had obtained legal counsel following his arrest, but undoubtedly he will need the assistance of a skilled defense lawyer in order to deal with the charges and protect his reputation in the process. 

Source: USA TODAY, “Ryan Malone charged with DUI, cocaine possession,” April 13, 2014

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