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On Saturday, April 12, a traffic stop occurred in New York that would most likely be considered routine by law enforcement officials. According to troopers with the New York State Police, they observed a vehicle that wasn’t driving in the direct center of the lane. They said that when they observed the vehicle “failing to keep right,” they decided to initiate the traffic stop.

Whether a traffic stop is based on a swerving vehicle, a car traveling above the posted speed limit or for someone that ran a stop sign, police don’t always write a single ticket. In many cases, if an officer suspects that another violation or crime occurred, he or she will go ahead and investigate it. In this case, drug charges were the subsequent offenses suspected and charged by the troopers.

The troopers claimed that when the vehicle was stopped, they could smell an odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. When they searched the car, the officers must have found what they suspected to be marijuana, because the 23-year-old driver and his 24-year-old passenger were both arrested. The basis of the arrests was the suspicion of criminal possession of marijuana.

The traffic stop occurred early in the month, but the two men aren’t expected to appear in court in Niagara until the end of the month.

From a speeding ticket to a misdemeanor drug charge, consulting a New York traffic violations attorney can help. Drivers may not be aware of the options that they have to fight these offenses, but a lawyer that focuses on these cases certainly is.

Source: WIVB, “Driver, passenger allegedly carried pot during traffic stop,” Emily Lenihan, April 14, 2014

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