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The New York State Police have recently concluded two campaigns aimed at discouraging drivers in the state from driving while intoxicated or distracted. The results reveal that many New York drivers may soon find themselves in need of defense lawyers, for matters ranging from speeding tickets to arrests for major drug violations.

The two crackdowns were "Speed Week," which took place between April 17 and April 24, and "Operation Hang-Up," which took place between April 10 and April 15. Both were part of an overarching driver awareness operation called "Distracted Driving Month." 

How one sees the success of the two operations individually, as well as the overall Distracted Driving Month operation, is perhaps a matter of perspective.

"Speed Week," for example, resulted in state troopers issuing over 24,000 traffic tickets, including more than 10,000 speeding tickets. Some may call this a successful effort to catch traffic violators.

Others, however, may point to the increase in the number of traffic violation tickets issued compared to the 2013 "Speed Week" -- 2,156 more overall -- as evidence that using these surge efforts to convince New York drivers to avoid bad behaviors is having little effect.

The same thing may be said for the results of "Operation Hang-Up." Overall, there was a three-fold increase in the number of distracted driving citations issued. Those arguing in favor of increased crackdown efforts may point to the larger number of tickets to say that such campaigns are netting more bad drivers and increasing awareness of dangers; others may claim that the same increase is proof that, if anything, the problem of drivers who cannot put their smartphones and other electronics down only seems to be getting worse.

The wind-down of Distracted Driving Month does not mean an end to police efforts to catch speeders, serial violators of license suspensions, drug couriers, intoxicated drivers, and drivers fiddling with their cellphones. Those who find themselves facing traffic tickets in New York may benefit from talking to a traffic ticket attorney about their options.

Source: WBNG, "New York 'Speed Week' results in nearly 11,000 speeding tickets," Nicky Hickling, April 29, 2014

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