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As we discussed in a past post, New York State Police conducted a “Speed Week” campaign April 17 through 24 in effort to crack down on speeding and aggressive drivers. Law enforcement officials reported that nearly 24,354 traffic tickets were issued to New York drivers during the week-long sting operation.

In a statement, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said 10,890 of the tickets were for speeding, which was more than 2,000 speeding tickets than were issued during the campaign last year.

Another campaign that took place last month was “Operation Hang Up,” which targeted drivers who use cellphones while behind the wheel. Gov. Cuomo said 3,471 traffic tickets were issued for distracted driving offenses during the 5-day campaign, which represented more than a 300 percent increase from the last time the distracted driving campaign took place in November 2013.

"The results of Speed Week and Operation Hang Up demonstrate that many drivers are still not getting the message that distracted and aggressive behavior behind the wheel has no place on New York's roadways," Gov. Cuomo said in his statement.

Both the governor and the New York State Police superintendent made it clear that aggressive and distracted drivers will continue to be targeted and ticketed throughout the remainder of the year.

As New York police continue making traffic tickets a high priority, many New Yorkers will likely feel the consequences when they receive citations for speeding, stop sign violations, red light violations, reckless driving, seat belt violations and other moving violations.

Although many will be tempted to plead guilty to the offenses by simply paying the fine, this can be a mistake as too many traffic citations can result in a license revocation and increased insurance rates. An experienced New York traffic ticket attorney can help determine if it may be wise to fight the charges.

Source: 12 Action News WBNG, “New York 'Speed Week' results in nearly 11,000 speeding tickets,” Nicky Hickling, April 29, 2014

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