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New York City men face drug charges following a traffic stop

When an individual is pulled over for a traffic violation they have certain rights afforded to them. Officers at the scene must be aware of these rights and not violate them. This can be important to remember during any traffic stop, as even minor traffic violations can have a lasting effect on a person in the form of fines, license suspension or worse. When these charges are coupled with drug charges or other more serious offenses, there can be even more serious consequences, including jail time.

Bishop reaches plea deal for license offense in New York

Most of the time when New York police pull someone over for a traffic violation, what ensues is fairly routine and ends in the issuance of a warning, or a citation. But sometimes, additional facts begin to reveal themselves during the traffic stop, and matters become more complicated.

Limits on the Suspension Termination Fee

My license was suspended because I missed Traffic Court. The police gave me a lot of traffic tickets. How much will I have to pay to get my license back? I know that I will have to pay a $70 suspension termination fee for each ticket, however because are there so many tickets will I have to pay $70 for each ticket? Are there any Limits on the Suspension Termination Fee?

Deputy Court Administrator now considers Ticket-Fixing Wrong

Deputy Court Administrator now considers Ticket-Fixing Wrong. A former deputy Court Administrator in Traffic Ticket Court Robert DeEmilio was testifying under a grant of immunity, requested by prosecutors, who had subpoenaed him in relation to the fraud-and-conspiracy trial of six former Traffic Ticket Court Judges and a Chinatown businessman accused of conspiring in a ticket-fixing scheme. This is the wrong way to go about Ticket-Fixing, as apposed to using the legal system.

First-time New York drunk drivers may receive lesser punishments

Pause, and put yourself into a scenario: You’ve just left a party in New York, at which alcohol was being served. You had a few drinks. You know that it’s not a good idea to drink and drive, but for some reason you get behind the wheel anyway. On the way home, you make one little mistake.

New York City becoming a hostile environment to traffic violators

New York City drivers should be aware that the summer months will not only bring increasing temperatures, but an increase in traffic tickets as well. That is the strategy behind the city’s goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents, which it refers to as the “Vision Zero Action Plan.”

Trucker charged after crash that critically injured Tracy Morgan

Well-known New York City actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan, was critically injured in a six-vehicle accident recently, while traveling in a chauffeured limousine bus back to New York from a show out of state.

Vehicle crashes into Rockland County library

Motor vehicle accidents happen all around New York, but rarely do they affect the safety of those enjoying some time at their local library. Unfortunately, that very type of incident recently took place, and the startling story might unsettle those who normally feel safe from traffic dangers.

Habitual pot user claims speed, not drug use, caused car accident

Defense attorneys for a New York teenager who was the driver in an accident that killed four other teens in his vehicle had difficult facts to work with at trial.  The young man, who was 17 years old when the accident occurred, did not dispute the fact that he was high on marijuana at the time.  He also did not dispute that he was driving at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour when he lost control of his vehicle.