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When an individual is pulled over for a traffic violation they have certain rights afforded to them. Officers at the scene must be aware of these rights and not violate them. This can be important to remember during any traffic stop, as even minor traffic violations can have a lasting effect on a person in the form of fines, license suspension or worse. When these charges are coupled with drug charges or other more serious offenses, there can be even more serious consequences, including jail time.

Recently, police pulled over a Brooklyn, New York, man in a neighboring state for a traffic violation. The car was searched and police reportedly discovered heroin in the car, with an estimated worth of over $10,000. A search of the vehicle also uncovered materials that authorities allege is used to package drugs.

During the arrest officers reportedly apprehended the driver of the vehicle with the use of a Taser. The driver and passenger, who are both from Brooklyn were taken into custody and face multiple charges, including drug possession and intent to sell. It is important to note that both men are innocent until proven guilty and when a search is conducted and force is used during a traffic stop, there will most likely be questions that will have to be answered in defense of the two men.

If you or someone you know is charged with a traffic violation, as well as additional charges stemming from a search and seizure, it is important to understand your rights. Consulting with legal counsel who may be able to provide guidance and explain your options can help people gain some valuable perspective and some peace of mind.

Source: 69 News, "Traffic stop yields $14,000 worth of heroin," June 23, 2014

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