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Considerations for challenging a speeding ticket in New York

The practice of issuing speeding tickets in New York likely dates back to the widespread introduction of the automobile on the streets of this state. With so much time having passed since then, a wide range of effective and ineffective defenses have been raised by drivers in efforts to defeat those tickets. Here is a brief examination of some things you might consider if you have received a speeding ticket.

Traffic cameras become main NYC tool to issue traffic tickets

"Where is a cop when you need one?" has been a refrain of people perhaps since the dawn of law enforcement. But to have a police officer so close by, everywhere, as to make that saying irrelevant would require a municipality to hire so many police officers that it would probably go broke.

Traffic stop leads to conspiracy accusations vs. 4 New York men

Any New Yorker who has been pulled over by police for a traffic violation knows the sinking feeling that sets in when he or she first sees the flashing red and blue lights in the rearview mirror. Worrisome thoughts that may immediately come to mind include concerns about how much a traffic ticket might cost, or if one’s insurance rates may increase.

Moving violation becomes car chase, injuring suspect, 3 officers

The summer months are seeing an increase in police activity in New York City. Hundreds of additional police have been temporarily reassigned from administrative duties to patrol work in an operation that police refer to as the “Summer All Out Campaign.” The aim of the initiative is to saturate high-crime areas with additional officers to deter crime and to apprehend criminal suspects when necessary.

Routine traffic stop turns into alleged drug possession charges

Routine police stops for traffic violations in New York can often result in serious consequences for the driver, including significant fines from traffic tickets, increased insurance premiums, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. However, the consequences can quickly escalate even further, especially if the police officers file drug charges against the driver. Recently, this is what purportedly happened to two New York residents when they were pulled over.

Driver involved in fatal crash faces traffic violations trial

When a driver loses control of a vehicle, and the only way it can finally come to a stop is to collide with something, it may not only damage the property that stopped the vehicle, but can also be a traumatic experience for the people involved.

$115 Traffic Ticket- Supreme Court Judge Sues New York City

A motorist is suing New York City over a traffic ticket (camera) he says was unjust. As it happens, he's a judge in the same County- New York. Manhattan's State Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright sued on Wednesday. The City's lawyers said they would review the suit upon receiving it.

Traffic Violations Bureau Traffic Ticket

If you ever received a traffic ticket in New York City, i.e. one of the five boroughs of New York (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island) you will soon find out that there is no plea bargaining allowed on a Traffic Violations Bureau Traffic Ticket. Your only recourse is to appear in trial and the NYS DMV ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) decides on the issue of guilt or innocence and assesses a fine or dismisses the ticket on the spot. One of the reasons there is no option of plea bargaining is because ALJs do not have the authority to adjudicate plea deals.

Allegany County Traffic Diversion Program

One of the ways in which the Allegany County Traffic Diversion Program is different than programs in most other New York Countys is that they allow speeds up to 30 MPH over the posted limit to enter, however everyone entering is subject is "discretion".This is quite different from most other counties such as Broome County  for example in which there is a 25 MPH cap and a strict policy of a clean 18 month period ex. however if you fall into the guidelines the DA's office won't start looking at the defendant's age or if the was defendant was polite to the officer.