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A motorist is suing New York City over a traffic ticket (camera) he says was unjust. As it happens, he's a judge in the same County- New York. Manhattan's State Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright sued on Wednesday. The City's lawyers said they would review the suit upon receiving it.

Honorable Judge Wright says his family got a notice saying a camera caught his car being driven in a Manhattan bus lane last October, and issuing his registration a traffic ticket. He says it wasn't.

He later took his own photographs which he says back him up. They're based on where certain street features were located in respect to his car.

He contested the violation and appealed an administrative law judge's ruling against him. His suit seeks to get the violation thrown out. Interestingly, this ticket does not effect the Judge's driving history because it is a camera ticket, although perhaps he fears that this conviction will effect him in the upcoming election.

It's unclear which judge will be assigned to handle this case.

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