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When a driver loses control of a vehicle, and the only way it can finally come to a stop is to collide with something, it may not only damage the property that stopped the vehicle, but can also be a traumatic experience for the people involved.

When that collision is with a building and results in the death of an occupant of that building, the emotional, financial and even criminal stakes go even higher for everyone involved.

For one New York driver, the criminal charges he will face in a court battle will not have anything to do with the destruction of property, or even the fatality that ensued when he plowed into a restaurant in his truck.

Instead, he will be fighting two traffic tickets.

The underlying facts of the case began when the defendant was driving his tractor-trailer rig and was unable to slow down sufficiently and lost control of his vehicle. He struck a restaurant as a result, killing an individual inside.

The defendant voluntarily submitted to a drug test, and otherwise has cooperated with the police. While any accident that results in the death of another person could ultimately result in serious charges, the truck driver in this case has been charged for using a brake-limit device that apparently was not working properly, and for a violation of an ordinance governing how long his tractor-trailer combination could be.

The defendant intends to contest both of those charges

Whether the two alleged traffic violations had anything to do with causing the collision and the death remains to be seen. But in this case as well as others in this state, having a criminal defense attorney to conduct his defense, even in comparatively minor matters, can be of immense importance.

Even the least serious charges can result in substantial fines, the first mark on a driver’s record that could cause more serious punishment in future incidents, and affect the driver’s insurance rates. Having a criminal defense attorney with experience with traffic violations may ultimately be of assistance to the defendant to mitigate the current charges as well as the effect of potential future charges.

Source: PressConnects, "Driver in fatal Ithaca crash pleads not-guilty to traffic violations," David Hill, July 2, 2014

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