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Holidays in the summer in New York are a good time for friends and family get-togethers. But, like any holiday, it is likely that more drivers than usual are driving in an unsafe manner due to the celebrations.

The New York State Police know that too, and in the days around any holiday, they are generally out in force with the goal of maintaining safe driving and, unfortunately, aiding those who become victims of unsafe drivers.

Around the holidays throughout the year, the state police even publicize their intent for increased patrols of the roads, which includes sobriety checkpoints. It is important to also know that unmarked police vehicles -- Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles, or "CITE" vehicles as they are known -- will also be on the prowl for unsafe drivers.

You may see some of the enhanced state trooper presence some of the time; but if the CITE vehicles work as intended, you will not see all of the troopers, all of the time. And if you drink and drive, or text and drive, or otherwise engage in unsafe behavior behind the wheel, the police want you to know that there is a good chance that they will see you.

How good of a chance? Consider that in 2013, state police wrote about one-third more traffic tickets over the Fourth of July holiday than the previous year. Indeed, they wrote more than 10,000 citations for things ranging from speeding tickets to DWI violations.

Whether you are driving during the days surrounding a holiday, or at any time, and you find yourself facing a traffic citation it can be in your best interests to consult an attorney who may be able to protect your rights. Minor or single traffic tickets may not seem like a big deal, but any citation should be taken seriously because they can quickly add up and potentially upset a person’s freedom, ability to drive and finances.

Source: Finger Lakes Times, "State police to crack down on DWI, distracted driving this weekend," July 4, 2014

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