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Routine police stops for traffic violations in New York can often result in serious consequences for the driver, including significant fines from traffic tickets, increased insurance premiums, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. However, the consequences can quickly escalate even further, especially if the police officers file drug charges against the driver. Recently, this is what purportedly happened to two New York residents when they were pulled over.

When a police officer pulls a driver over, the driver might get nervous even if he or she has done nothing wrong. The driver might worry about increased financial burdens, increased insurance premiums, or even facing more serious potential consequences. These concerns do not even take into account the far greater concerns that may arise if drug possession allegations are filed at the time of the traffic stop. 

New York State Police pulled over a young man and woman during a routine traffic stop initiated by alleged speeding. After the car was pulled over, it became evident that the driver, a 20-year old man, was apparently in possession of several bags of heroin. Additionally, a 21-year-old woman also in the car was allegedly found to be in possession of a controlled substance as well as a quantity of marijuana.

Both vehicle occupants were charged with seventh-degree criminal possession, and the passenger was also accused of unlawful possession of marijuana. After the arrest, the driver was taken to a local jail. It is not clear what happened between the stop and the apparent discovery of drugs, but it can be critical to closely examine the police procedures and during this time to ensure the motorist’s rights were not violated.

Scrutinizing police and search procedures can be a critical part of any defense in similar situations. With an effective defense, people could have traffic-related offenses and charges dismissed or reduced. If you have been charged with drug possession during a routine traffic stop, then consultation with a defense attorney can often help you to understand and protect your rights. 

Source: WPTZ, "Two charged with possession following drug stop," July 11, 2014

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