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Comedian may lose Canadian job to New York drunk driving charge

Police stops that end with a drunk driving arrest frequently begin with the commission of a traffic offense. Donnell Rawlings, a comedian whose credits include being a cast member on the popular sketch comedy television program, "Chappelle's Show," brought attention to himself when police saw him driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street in New York City.

No summer vacation for Nassau school zone traffic cameras

Summer vacation is an institution of life in New York, when school is out and parents must think of ways to look after their children during the day. But as some Long Island drivers have been discovering to their dismay, traffic cameras that have been placed in school zones to enforce the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit do not recognize this time-honored tradition.

Considerations for appealing a traffic ticket online in New York

Consider a scenario in which you received a traffic ticket in New York that you believe was unfair. You may have read this post we published earlier this month, and you avoided inadvertently pleading guilty by paying the ticket. Then you fought the good fight in court.

What is an 'aggravated DWI' under New York law?

The facts that underlie a traffic stop followed by a charge of drunk driving are subject to many variables, and the development of state laws in New York governing drunk driving take such variations into account.

How to avoid pleading guilty to a traffic ticket by mistake

If you have received a traffic ticket in New York and you believe that it has been issued to you unfairly, one thing that you may want to avoid is paying the ticket before challenging it. Paying the ticket is tantamount to an admission of guilt, and makes defending against it problematic.

What is Aggravated Unlicensed Operation?

Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a motor vehicle or AUO (NYS VTL 511-1a) is the crime of driving a motor vehicle even after you were order by a Court that you may not drive, also known as Driving with a suspended license. No matter which Court ordered you not to drive, if that Court has jurisdiction is New York State, you can be arrested, charged and convicted of a misdemeanor if you are caught operating a motor vehicle. If you are not sure if your license is suspended or if you were charged with driving on a suspended license, call an attorney immediately.A common application of this law is when a motorist fails to respond to, or fails to pay a traffic ticket. The Court which has jurisdiction over that traffic ticket is empowered to order the NYS DMV to suspend the motorist's driver's license for failing to pay or failing to respond to their traffic ticket. Notably, as long as you do not drive a motor vehicle you can not be arrested. However if you do drive a car and are stopped you can be arrested for violating a Court order.

New York man charged with second round of drug charges

A New York man previously arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop was arrested again recently for alleged sale and possession of heroin. According to police, the warrant was issued for two counts of sale of a controlled substance and two more counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, following an investigation alleging that the man had sold and possessed heroin.

3 ways that New York police may make a drunk driving arrest

Drivers in New York should be aware that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, people may be less clear on how officers test or measure intoxication before making an arrest.

Challenging technological evidence in a DUI charge

In an era when police and prosecutors increasingly rely on technology to bolster drunk driving cases, the prospect for successfully defending against a charge of drunk driving may seem daunting. How, after all, does one argue with a Breathalyzer or a blood sample?