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The use of cameras at strategically placed locations to issue tickets for speeding and red light violations has increased. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation authorizing the use of speed cameras in school zones, officials speculated that the communities installing them would reap $25 million in fines from the traffic tickets they generated. One thing that is known about the new program is that it is off to a bumpy start.

A county executive in one New York community took the unusual step of dismissing 40,000 traffic violations against people who were issued a speeding ticket during the programs first few weeks of operation. County officials cited flaws in the system as the basis for dismissing the speeding tickets.  The relief for motorists is expected to be short-lived, though, as the county resumes resumption of the cameras for speed zone enforcement.

It is important for an attorney defending motorists charged with traffic violations to have a thorough understanding of the conduct that a traffic ticket prohibits. For example, the law authorizes the school zone cameras to be in operation from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., but an attorney might argue that this could be misleading to people who think a normal school day ends earlier. Officials promised to install lights on signage to warn motorists of the times when they might receive a speeding ticket.

The enforcement of traffic violations through new technology is one more reason why a person who receives a speeding ticket, or a ticket for some other moving violation to discuss the facts with an attorney before sending in payment of the fine. An attorney’s review of the ticket might reveal a defect or a defense to the charge.

Source: CBS New York, "Nassau County Speed Cameras Operating Again in School Zones," Sept. 2, 2014

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