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Getting a traffic ticket is an inconvenience that many New York drivers have experienced. But there can be other, more serious potential consequences that can befall those who fail to keep their automobile insurance current.

New York requires that drivers of vehicles registered in this state maintain liability insurance on those vehicles. If you find yourself being pulled over for an alleged traffic violation only to discover that there are problems with your car insurance, then those problems can ultimately lead to suspension of not only your driver license, but your vehicle registration as well.

Keep in mind the following requirements in New York to avoid an unwelcome surprise when it comes to your automobile insurance:

  • Buy your auto insurance from a valid insurance provider. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles maintain a list of companies authorized to issue auto insurance policies in New York. Out-of-state insurance is not acceptable to meet the state's legal insurance requirement.
  • Make sure that your policy coverage limits are sufficient. New York requires that auto insurance liability coverage for property damage, injury and death meet certain minimum dollar amounts.
  • Be sure that the names on your insurance cards match the names on your vehicle registration.

If you have questions about automobile insurance requirements in New York, you can contact your insurance provider or the DMV for more information. But if you find yourself accused of insurance violations, especially in connection with a traffic stop, then you may want to seek the assistance of a law firm with experience in defending clients in cases of alleged traffic violations.

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