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According to a DEA agent, New York City is a hub of heroin trafficking because of its central location and easy access to other parts of the region. Numerous arrests since this summer include several instances where New York State Troopers pulled over drivers to issue tickets and then detected signs of drug use.

The number of drug arrests involving heroin possession, both by troopers on the Thruway and by a joint task force of federal and state law enforcement, is unusually high. Rockland County is one of four counties in New York State named High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas by federal authorities.

Some of the heroin has been transported from California to New York, as in the case of a trucking company in Queens, found to be in possession of 33 pounds of heroin. Two people were arrested in that raid and will likely face serious consequences.

Another search and seizure by the joint task force uncovered a heroin mill in the Bronx. Authorities described the operation as part of a larger network that produces and distributes drugs to the larger metropolitan New York area.

On one day in October, two separate vehicle stops by state troopers led to the seizure of 1,000 heroin packets. Both of the men arrested will, most likely, be charged with intent to distribute and drug trafficking, in addition to drug possession.

People arrested on drug charges have rights. For the best defense of those rights, New York residents may want to consult with an attorney experienced in defending clients charged with drug possession and other drug offenses.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, "Heroin arrests skyrocket as drug crisis grips region," Thane Grauel, Oct. 15, 2014

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