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Driving a car can be, in some ways, similar to getting into a relationship: at the beginning, you try to do everything right, and are always on your guard not to make a mistake that might cost you. But later, as you become more familiar, the temptation grows to become less cautious, and sometimes giving in to that temptation can have regrettable consequences.

Think of when you were taking your driver's license test: you observed the speed limit like it was a religious commandment. You made sure to signal when you made a lane change. And when you came to a stop sign, you came to a complete, full stop. After all, you were trying to impress someone, weren't you?

But once you got your New York state license, and you got used to driving for a while, the temptation began to set in. You drove a few miles per hour faster than the limit. You don't always signal for those lane changes, or even look over your shoulder when you did so. And then one day, you made a "rolling stop." You thought that no one was there, that no one would care. 

But someone was there. A police officer you did not see, but who saw you in your moment of weakness. And now you are facing a fine of $200 or more, and points added to your license to boot, all for something that harmed no one. 

Can you do anything about it?

The answer to that question is, "Yes." What you can do is to contact the Law Offices of Zev Goldstein. What we can do is put our years of experience defending people just like you to work on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances and the arguments we can make based on them, it may be possible to avoid some, or conceivably all, of the negative consequences for what happened. 

We cannot guarantee a favorable outcome in defending traffic violations, of course, but we can confidently say that having a lawyer on your side will help you better plan your defense.

Call us for a free initial consultation, or use our website to contact us.

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