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Is a smartphone wristwatch a "hand-held device"?

The ongoing miniaturization of electronic technology means that we are finally entering an age in which the "Dick Tracy" watch, a device you can wear on your wrist that serves as a communication device as well as a timepiece, is moving from the comic book pages to the real world. As this occurs, it may raise a question as to how New York law governing the use of hand-held devices while driving will treat such devices.

Driver license points: winning means keeping a low score

There are a few activities in life in which the higher you score, the more you lose. One of them is golf. The other is the New York State Driver Violation Point System in which you can also score "points" that are anything but measures of victory.

You have the right to remain silent – and you should exercise it

Police dramas and police reality shows are ubiquitous features of American television. When you channel surf at almost any hour of the day or night, you can find one or more of them available for viewing. This saturation means that, even if you have not personally experienced the criminal justice system, you probably know your Miranda rights, among them, the right to remain silent.

What does “driving while ability impaired” mean in New York?

Many of the "man on the street" interviews we see on television feature people who are ignorant of subjects ranging from who is the current vice president of the country to who won the Civil War, but one question that probably anyone can answer is, "What is the minimum blood alcohol content level to be charged with drunk driving?"

What is the Drinking Driver Program?

It is axiomatic that driving under the influence of alcohol in New York constitutes a serious violation of law that carries with it commensurately serious penalties that can include fines, license suspension or revocation, and jail time. Retaining a law firm experienced with drunk driving litigation is your first line of defense against such charges, but if you are nonetheless convicted, is there anything else you can do to reduce the impact of that conviction? The answer may depend upon whether you are eligible to participate in the New York Drinking Driver Program.

Protests may be cause of decrease in ticketed traffic violations

In the month of December, New York City was shaken by protests over police practices and the killing of two officers in Brooklyn. Some police officers have shown disdain for the policies of city authorities, such as turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio in protest of the way these incidents have been handled. But statistics may cause citizens to question whether the protests are the only way in which law enforcement is expressing its disapproval of city officials.

What are the penalties for having no car insurance in New York?

It is axiomatic that in New York, as in every other state, those who take advantage of the driving privilege must carry auto insurance. In this state, the laws are written to encourage motorists to have appropriate insurance by imposing various penalties for the failure to do so.

Red-light cameras: Generating revenue through traffic violations

The use of red-light cameras to issue tickets for traffic violations in Rockland County and other parts of the state has always been justified by elected officials as a traffic safety measure. Some motorists have suspected that use of the cameras was more to increase government revenues than to promote highway safety in New York. People point to approval of the cameras in upstate communities a few years ago to help them raise money at a time when they were having budget issues as proof of the allegedly real reason why cameras replaced police officers to enforce red light violations.