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In the month of December, New York City was shaken by protests over police practices and the killing of two officers in Brooklyn. Some police officers have shown disdain for the policies of city authorities, such as turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio in protest of the way these incidents have been handled. But statistics may cause citizens to question whether the protests are the only way in which law enforcement is expressing its disapproval of city officials.

In the last week of December, reported parking violations and traffic tickets were more than 90 percent fewer than the same period in 2013. In Coney Island, the number was zero: no parking tickets or traffic summons were issued. And it isn't just traffic ticket numbers that have fallen; officers made 56 percent fewer arrests than in the same period in 2013, including 17 fewer arrests for major felonies.

If the drop in numbers is a result of the protests, it is likely that the city will take action to correct the downturn sooner rather than later. Statistics show that New York City could be losing $1 million a week in revenue that would ordinarily be generated by the tickets.

While police officials deny that the decrease in activity is any kind of organized protest, the numbers may speak for themselves. But a member of the city's Citizens Crime Commission, says that the drop should correct itself as police return to their conviction that their sense of duty is more important than their anger at the city.

If ticketing does rebound as time passes, more aggressive ticketing may lead to more unfounded prosecutions and more pressure on legal authorities to replenish the coffers. In that case, having the representation of an attorney who handles traffic violations may be critical to the ability to successfully challenge the charge.

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Secondary Source: CBS Local 2, "Drop In Parking, Traffic Tickets Around The 5 Boroughs Could Be Costing The City Big," Jan. 6, 2015

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