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Traffic tickets in the City of Buffalo NY are currently adjudicated in by a DMV administrative law judge or ALJ in a system called the Traffic Violation Bureau. You may recognize the term from New York City's TVB or Traffic Violations Bureau. These DMV are appointed (not elected) judges do not have jurisdiction (ability) to allow the reduction of traffic tickets to a lesser violation. Therefore all tickets in the Traffic Violations Bureau go to trial. In addition, traffic tickets issued in the Traffic Violations Bureau do not need to include supporting depositions

Many people who have traffic tickets in the Buffalo city court were waiting for a bill in which would have the City of Buffalo elect judges of their own to allow a them to plea their tickets down instead of going to trial. This is currently how must tickets in the State of New York are handled, and even the DMV Commissioner looks pleads her ticket down!

The City of Buffalo and Albany are looking at this bill from a financial stand point. In addition the current bill gives little time to current ALJs to find a new job elsewhere. However, if you have a ticket and were waiting for the DMV to go away so that you would be allowed to plea bargain down your offence, you may have to wait a bit longer. If you have a question about going to trial for your traffic ticket, feel free to message me.

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