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In late December of last year we addressed some of the different ways that your New York driver license can be suspended as a result of traffic violations. This post will cover the more serious penalty of license revocation: what can trigger it and what you can do to restore your driving privilege.

License revocation is a serious matter, and in keeping with that seriousness the state can make it inconvenient if not difficult to get a new license after your old one has been revoked. This post can only provide a high-level overview of what can lead to a revocation and what you can do in response, but it is not offered, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice which should only be obtained from an attorney.

As the terms imply, a license suspension is ordinarily temporary in effect while a revocation results in the loss of a license itself. It follows that traffic offenses which lead to license revocation are necessarily more serious than those which would lead to a suspension. These more serious behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • getting into an accident resulting in injuries and leaving the scene
  • drunk driving, or driving under the influence of drugs, particularly when multiple offenses are involved
  • illegal racing or other forms of reckless driving
  • ignoring a court summons

If your license has been revoked in New York, you cannot get your old license back. You must apply for a new license. The first step in this process is to gain approval from the New York DMV Driver Improvement Unit. Depending upon the circumstances underlying the revocation, it may be possible to request such approval online. In some situations, however, such as revocation for an uninsured accident, online approval is unavailable.

Furthermore, if you owe any outstanding fines or penalties then you must pay these before you can request a new license. Finally, multiple offenders, and those who were or are on probation, are subject to additional requirements before they can submit a request for approval for a new license.

The best defense to a license revocation is to avoid it in the first place. An experienced New York traffic attorney can help you in this regard. But if your license has been revoked, a traffic attorney can also assist you in complying with the necessary steps to obtain approval for a new license as quickly as possible.

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