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In New York, there are two ways in which a police officer may cite you for a traffic violation based on your driving behavior in the presence of an emergency vehicle. One is to accuse you of failing to pull over for an emergency vehicle when its lights are flashing and its siren is audible. The other relates to a charge that you did not give the emergency vehicle sufficient room when passing as it was stopped on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing.

It is important to understand that these laws are not "strict liability" in nature. That is, the simple accusation that you did not pull over for an emergency vehicle when it approached you, or that you did not move over when passing such a vehicle on the side of the road is insufficient to convict you in court. If you made a good faith effort to get out of the way of an approaching emergency vehicle or to make room when you passed one, there may be enough subjective difference between the officer's testimony and yours to raise that reasonable doubt.

Shaping a persuasive argument in traffic court is not always easy especially if you choose to represent yourself. Most people are understandably nervous when confronted by a judge and a police officer, and if you are unfamiliar with the specifics of the law, you may not know how to address it when presenting your argument.

If you fail to persuade or if you inadvertently say something against your own interest, the likelihood of your being convicted of the underlying traffic violation becomes much more likely.

At the law offices of Zev Goldstein, we are experienced traffic violation defense attorneys. We are thoroughly familiar with New York laws concerning emergency vehicles and have extensive experience defending clients against traffic violation charges. Based on this knowledge and experience, you can be confident that our attorney representing will know how to present the most persuasive argument on your behalf and will not become nervous or tongue-tied when advocating in your defense.

Our website contains a wealth of free information about New York traffic laws and how we represent our clients. An initial consultation with one of our attorneys is free. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to fight that ticket.

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