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First, it was cameras recording your red light violation, and next came speeding tickets issued after you were caught on camera by an automated radar gun. Now, truck and car drivers may have something new to worry about if they are stopped with their engines running in New York City.

A member of the city council has proposed legislation that would increase the fines paid by drivers who violate laws that prohibit vehicles from idling for more than three minutes on city streets. The allowable idling time goes down to one minute if the truck or car is parked or standing in front of a school. Fines that now start at $220 and go up to $1,000 would increase to a $350 minimum and a $1,500 maximum.

The legislation appears to be unique in adding a new enforcement method to join red light cameras and speed cameras as part of the arsenal of weapons against motorists who commit traffic violations. The new law would allow the average New York resident to receive 50 percent of the fines collected by turning in drivers who they see idling their vehicles.

The lawmaker stressed that before anyone could begin enforcing the anti-idling law by taking videos of violators, they would have to complete a training program. Once they do, people will be allowed to submit their videos documenting the violation to the appropriate agency that will, presumably, send a traffic ticket to the offending motorist.

As towns and cities look for new ways to catch those individuals who violate their laws, it becomes important for people to have the services of a skilled traffic violations attorney. A traffic ticket can have consequences beyond just a fine. A moving violation can also add points to a motorist's record that could result in suspended license.

Source:  NBC New York, "Proposed Legislation Encourages New Yorkers to Report Car-Idling Neighbors," March 10, 2015

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