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What factors contribute to alcohol intoxication?

The familiar saying about how or whether a person can "hold his liquor" has its basis in more than just a supposed ability to suppress symptoms of intoxication. There is a body of scientific evidence to show that multiple factors can have a significant effect on how pronounced the effects of drinking alcohol are. These factors include:

What is the "automobile exception" for police searches?

This post is only an overview of the automobile exception to the exclusionary rule. If you have been charged with an alcohol-related or drug crime based on the result of a vehicle search in New York, your traffic defense attorney can help you to better understand whether the search was reasonable and what defenses you may have.

Texting behind the wheel and drunk driving: which is worse?

There are few things that you can be accused of while driving that are worse than getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. But when it comes to adversely affecting driver performance drunk driving, bad enough as it is, may be taking a back seat to a relatively new phenomenon: texting while driving.

Is there a difference between marijuana and alcohol on driving?

Given the legality of alcohol and the widespread availability of marijuana, it is a safe bet that at any given time there are many drivers on the road who are under the influence of either of these two drugs, or both of them. There are many studies that have concluded with near unanimity that alcohol negatively affects driving performance, but what about the effects of marijuana?

Do different rules exist for underage DUI than for adults?

Drivers in Rockland County and other parts of New York, who have not reached 21 years of age, are held to a different set of rules if they are stopped by police. If a police officer believes an underage driver has consumed alcohol, the individual may be detained and asked to submit to a breath test to measure his or her BAC level.

How do I avoid a traffic ticket for passing a stopped school bus?

Most drivers traveling Rockland County roads know that passing a stopped school bus that is picking up or discharging children is a violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. Getting a traffic ticket for violating the law could result in a fine and points against a driver's license.

Is the 3-phase system to identify DUI suspects always reliable?

For the prosecution to successfully try a driver for DUI, law enforcement must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A successful DUI defense does not carry the burden of proof, but it must introduce into the mind of the jury questions about the arresting officer's memory, training, experience, perceptions, and conduct so as to raise reasonable concerns about whether his or her testimony can be relied upon.