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One misconception that non-lawyers can have about law school is that it is three years of learning laws. But the truth is that there are so many laws in place in New York (as well as even more federal laws) that teaching them all in school would be impossible, and remembering them all even more so.

For drivers, knowing and remembering every New York traffic law presents a similar problem. There are hundreds of laws on the books that govern motor vehicles, and what is more new laws are being added all the time while existing laws are subject to change. When you get behind the wheel, you can easily find yourself in the situation of "not knowing what you don't know." Until, that is, you find out the hard way when a police officer pulls you over for a moving violation of some kind.

Assuming that you choose not to simply plead guilty by paying your traffic ticket and elect to go to traffic court to contest the charges against you, then you are still at an information disadvantage. How much do you know about how the legal system works? The police officer who testifies against you has likely had much more courtroom experience than you have had. How should you defend yourself?

Fortunately, the best answer to that question is, "You don't. You retain the law firm of Zev Goldstein to represent you." What isn't taught in law school is something that can be learned by decades of experience defending ordinary people just like you in New York traffic courts, and that is what we do. We are New York traffic attorneys. We understand the laws. We understand the court system. We are not intimidated by the police. We know how to look for weaknesses in the case against you, and how to negotiate your case to secure the best outcome for you.

Defending yourself against traffic-related charges is not the time for a do-it-yourself exercise. Contact us by telephone to schedule a no-cost initial appointment with one of our attorneys, or reach us online to get started.

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