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Motorists may not realize it, but they have more to worry about than the just the fine they must pay as the penalty for a speeding ticket. Fines will hurt your bank balance, but the points associated with them can accumulate until you receive a letter from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles informing you to stop driving because your license is suspended.

Speeding tickets, like many other traffic violations, are moving violations under New York law. Moving violations result in points being added to your driving record when you are convicted after trial or after pleading guilty to traffic violations.

If you accumulate six or more points in a period of 18 months, the department of motor vehicles will impose a Driver Responsibility Assessment against you. The assessment for the first six points is $300. You are subject to an additional surcharge of $75 for each point that you have on your license in excess of the first six.

Points for a speeding ticket can add up very quickly because the state assigns points based upon how fast you were going. For example, if you are convicted of going up to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, you will have three points added to your driving record.

Accumulating points for speeding violations is very easy to do. If you get caught traveling more than 40 miles per hour over the speed limit, DMV will add a whopping 11 points to your driving record. That many points will surely draw the attention of the folks at DMV.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Zev Goldstein PLLC, have acquired the skills and knowledge to help people who might be at risk of a suspended license for having too many points. This has come through years of helping people in New York City, Rockland County and throughout the state who, like you, have been charged with speeding tickets and other traffic violations that add points to their licenses.

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