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Can I have my New York DUI conviction expunged?

Most New York traffic and DUI attorneys will periodically receive telephone calls and other communications asking about how, or whether, it is possible to have a drunk driving conviction removed from a record of convictions. Those making such inquiries may have heard of procedures in other states where, depending on the circumstances of a conviction, the passage of enough time and the completion of activities like diversion or other treatment programs, it is possible to have a drunk driving conviction "expunged".

Police in Rockland may increase efforts to stop drug distribution

A recent warning from the district attorney about the serious consequences of a new and deadly form of heroin on Rockland County streets may result in an increase in the arrest rate for drug charges in the region. Law enforcement officials in the area said the drug is up to 20 percent more potent than the heroin normally found in New York.

If you’re facing traffic court, we may help

Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket in New York City can ruin your day. And when you know you’ve done nothing wrong, it can be even worse. You don’t want to pay the ticket, yet you feel like you have no choice. After all, the courts seem to always take the side of the officer.

Presidential candidate haunted by traffic violations

If you are among the many people who consider a traffic ticket to be nothing more than an expensive inconvenience associated with navigating the roads and highways of New York, one presidential candidate’s experience might cause you to change your mind. A news report claims that a search of public records revealed that the candidate and his wife had a habit of collecting one moving violation after another over the years.

Red lights seem ineffective in New York

There is always a rush that is associated with challenging a yellow light and trying to beat it before it turns red. As it turns out, though, many New Yorkers will also run red lights, a very dangerous practice in a city where so many people walk every day. A new study has shown that one in 10 drivers blow through red lights instead of stopping.

Broken license plate light results in drug search and seizure

Driving a car without lights illuminating the rear license plate should only result in a traffic violation if a police officer pulls you over. A New York man discovered that a routine traffic stop can lead to bigger problems than just a traffic ticket.