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Most New York traffic and DUI attorneys will periodically receive telephone calls and other communications asking about how, or whether, it is possible to have a drunk driving conviction removed from a record of convictions. Those making such inquiries may have heard of procedures in other states where, depending on the circumstances of a conviction, the passage of enough time and the completion of activities like diversion or other treatment programs, it is possible to have a drunk driving conviction "expunged".

The effect of expungement can be beneficial to some people who may be subject to background investigations in connection with seeking employment or other activities in which the existence of a criminal record may have a bearing

Unfortunately, New York is not one of those states. If you have been convicted of a drunk driving offense, your record of conviction will remain permanently with law enforcement agencies. 

For some non-criminal convictions, it may be possible to have it "sealed" instead. The effect of sealing a conviction means that although a record of the conviction remains, it is not ordinarily available to the public.

Unfortunately again, DUI convictions in New York are criminal in nature, and criminal convictions cannot be sealed.

What does this mean to you, if you are charged with a drunk driving or driving-while-intoxicated offense? If you do not want a conviction to remain on your record, you need to do the best you can to avoid the conviction in the first place. In this regard, a traffic defense and DUI defense attorney licensed in this state may be able to best help you.

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